Pro Series


4:00 PM Friday, May 8 – May 18th 12:30 PM Sunday

This is the third year of the Poutmasters Pro Series! Don’t miss the prize ceremony Sunday at 1 PM at the Russell Dam Site.

Poutmasters Pro Series – Cash prizes for heaviest 5 mudpout combined weight. Anglers can weigh as many fish as they want, only the 5 heaviest will be entered.

Poutmasters Pro Series anglers must register before 4PM Friday.

Poutmasters Pro Series anglers who catch fish (mudpout only) will have an entry for the grand prizes (a canoe or a kayak from Barry’s Home Hardware) as well as a $500 day at “The Spa” for Mother’s Day!

Cash prizes will be determined once all Poutmasters Pro Series anglers have registered.


Register in person at:

Russell                       Pronto RJ’s Convenience

Barry’s Home Hardware (Fishing Licenses Available)

Embrun                     Embrun Convenience

Poutmasters Pro Series                                                                          $50.00 each